Gilli Smyth 1933-2016


Shakti Yoni is no more

[posted Tue 23 August]
Gilli died at mid-day in Australia surrounded by loved ones. She had been admitted to Byron Bay hospital with pneumonia a couple of days ago. She was 83 and also ageless.

Her unique stage presence and vocals manifested and determinedly represented a vital, deeply fundamental feminine principle within the Gong universe. She last performed with the band in 2012.

The two images of Gilli that spring to mind when I think of her are reading a newspaper, feet up on a tour bus, in our kitchen, in 100s of dressing rooms – she was never without a newspaper whatever country we were in, or laughing – a little Gilli semi-supressed chuckle at the absurdity of pretty much everything.

We will miss her. Love to the Good Witch and all who feel her loss.